Specialists Update

See what our Specialists have done this month.





K: Complete flower painting

1: Complete family dream house drawings

2: Glaze ceramic animals

3: Glaze ceramic animal vessel

4: Paper weaving

5: Complete symbolic tapestry

6: Paint ceramic vessel








Last month of this school year!!

Time goes so fast!! Students will reinforce their memory of Chinese via Game Center. This is a great opportunity to learn more Chinese with a small group. Advanced students keep learn Chinese having a variety of Chinese games and slow learners are able to focus more on the lesson with a small group.  


Learn more characters and culture!!

  All grade level of students are going to learn how to write Chinese characters in many different ways. Also they learn more about Chinese culture via cultural video lesson or books.

     Have a great summer break!!


Our students will learn following this month:

1st grade: How to write Chinese characters (‘Travel to China’ with Mrs. Lee)

2nd grade: Monarch Butterfly PBL (‘My mini Book’ with Mrs. Lee)

3rd grade: Review and understand 3rd grade level of Chinese characters

4th grade: A green house for milkweed

5th grade: Sound PBL presentation

6th grade: Cultural Lessons.



Eun Kwon

Wolftrap Elementary School

LTC/FLES Chinese Teacher




In June, the goal is to get all of the library materials returned and back on the shelves in order.  Circulation of materials to students ends on May 31st when their library cards expire for this school year. 


The librarians from the Patrick Henry Public Library will visit Wolftrap ES on June 6th to highlight some of their favorite books and to promote their summer reading program to grades K-5. 


I am very grateful to all of the wonderful library volunteers who donated their time to the library all year and helped me check out, locate and shelve books.  A huge thank you goes out to Michelle Ramos who served as the library volunteer coordinator for this year.


I thoroughly enjoyed my first year as a librarian and look forward to many more here at Wolftrap.


I am sure you will encourage your child to read over the summer and help them discover some new authors and titles.  To find book recommendations, please visit the FCPS website (search summer reading) or the Virginia State Reading Association website where you will find the Virginia Reader’s Choice selections for next year.



Shannon Stubbs

Wolftrap ES Librarian





Happy June!  There are many fun and exciting areas of focus for each grade level this final month of music class.  Sixth grade will be focusing on their upcoming musical production, “The Little Mermaid.”  Fifth grade will continue practicing for their Renaissance recorder ensemble and dance performance on Renaissance Day.  Fourth grade will be composing and performing recorder songs and working on a mini musical.   Third grade will continue to practice the notes B, A and G, Low E and Low D on the recorder.   Second Grade will continue to practice the notes on the treble clef staff.  First grade will prepare for their musical, “Worms, We Dig You.” Kindergarten will focus on the different parts of the scale through singing and playing instruments.  They will also continue to review and practice basic rhythm reading and writing. 





I would like to thank all students for a wonderful Spring concert. Their hard work preparing their pieces has really paid off and we had some amazing performances. Students who are continuing with strings will receive a summer packet of some fun tunes to work on during break. If you have not yet signed up to continue strings next year, please do so here: https://forms.gle/upAoaYueo7p65Lis5


Thank you for a wonderful school year, and I hope to see many of you again in the fall!





Wolftrap Band Registration for 2019-2020 If you have not registered for band for next year, please do so do so online here. Band starts on day-one in the fall, register you student for band ASAP so teachers can create their schedule before the end of this school year.

Vienna Band Camp Keep the momentum going! Vienna Band Camp is a tremendous (and affordable) way to keep your child improving their musical skills over the summer. At camp students receive more instruction in 4 weeks than they receive in a year of elementary band. See the flyer for sign-up details or visit the camp website for more information.

Private Lessons

If your student is planning to join band in middle school, or just looking for an extra challenge (or a little extra help) please consider private lessons from a local instructor. With military brands from every branch or the armed forces, NoVa is filled with top caliber musicians and instructors on all instruments. If you would like help finding a private instructor, please email me for assistance or download this list of recommended area instructors (maintained by the Kilmer MS band director).

Important Band Dates

June 17-July 12 – Vienna Band Camp (Longfellow Middle School)


26 August – First Day of School!


Joe McClure Band Director, Wolftrap ES






It’s the Final Countdown!

Where did the school year go?!

Physical Education classes in all grade levels will be participating in a variety of possible activities including Whiffle Ball, Four Scare, Jump Rope, Soccer, and Mission Impossible depending on their class vote.

As always, families are encouraged to participate with their students outside of school to reinforce what they are learning in school.  Our hope is that the students will be able to teach friends, family and our community some new concepts about nutrition, fitness, and fun physical activity.