Kindergarten Updates

See what's happening in Kindergarten this Month

Language Arts

Our final reading and writing unit of the year emphasizes talking about books. Readers realize that books have a message. We will hone our skills as communicators to notice what the author and illustrator are conveying. We will discuss our thoughts, ideas, lessons learned, and connections with the stories we read. We will select an author/illustrator to emulate.



Throughout the year, we have learned about plants. This month we will focus on the patterns we notice in plants. We will also talk about the season of summer.


Social Studies

Throughout the year, we have emphasized citizenship. We will continue to talk about kindness and respect, and the other qualities and behaviors that make us good citizens.



We are currently working on addition and subtraction. So far in the year we have been working with composing and decomposing (building and breaking apart) numbers up to 10; now we transition to using the vocabulary and symbols of addition and subtraction. We continue to practice the skills and concepts we have learned throughout the year, including money, fractions, graphing, and measurement. Our final math unit this year will be learning about time and calendar. We will talk about the days of the week and months of the year.