Student Testing

Assessments are part of the teaching and learning process in Fairfax County Public Schools. Teachers give assessments to students on an ongoing basis to check for understanding and gather information about students' knowledge and skills. The state and school division also expect students to participate in certain tests to help with monitoring school and student performance and to provide information about additional services that may benefit the student.  

2024 Spring Testing Schedule at Wolftrap ES

Apr 9, 2024Fifth Grade Integrated Reading/Writing (IRW)
Apr 29, 2024Sixth Grade Reading SOL
Apr 30, 2024Fifth Grade Reading SOL
Apr 30, 2024Third Grade Reading SOL
May 2, 2024Fourth Grade Reading SOL
May 7, 2024Fourth Grade Math SOL
May 9, 2024Sixth Grade Math SOL
May 10, 2024Third Grade Math SOL
May 10, 2024Fifth Grade Math SOL
May 14, 2024Fifth Grade Science SOL

For more information, please refer to Student Tests and Assessments, which provides further information on grade level specific assessments. 

Wolftrap Elementary school testing coordinators are Mrs. Lisa O’Donovan and Dr. Mona Lohr.  Please contact Dr. Lohr with questions about the testing program or results. 

School Testing Coordinator