Sixth Grade Updates

See what happened in Sixth Grade this month.

Sixth Grade Monthly Update – June 2019


Students will continue their study of energy and its uses. This unit provides students with a basic understanding of electricity, sources of energy, energy transformations and uses, and a brief overview of the atom.  This unit uses prior knowledge of electricity and magnetism to investigate power plants and the generation of electricity.


During the month of June, students in all math classes will have an opportunity delve deeper into the topics they have been learning about this year and to independently explore some topics they will encounter next year.  By using the online lessons and practice in Discovery Techbook, they can try their hand at some new types of problems.  Students can access material for grades 6 - 8. 


We are wrapping up our Civil War unit. We looked at causes and effects, important people and events, and analyzed primary source documents to better understand this dark and difficult time in our nation’s history. We are continuing to use primary sources and read historical fiction literature as we delve into our final unit on Reconstruction.

Language Arts

Our focus on writing continues! Students have made terrific progress in their writing stamina and the quality of their writing. Students are finishing our final writing project this month as they fine tune their “passion poems.”


Having now completed our Reading SOL test, we have some time to do one last Book Club! The sixth grade team is proud of the progress our students have made in reading and also proud of their performance on the Reading SOL test! SOL scores will go home with the final progress reports during the last week of school.

Congratulations on a terrific year! We will miss our wonderful 6th graders and wish you all continued success in middle school!


Important Dates

5/29 – 6th Grade Math SOL

6/7– 6th Grade Musical Dress Rehearsal

6/10 – 6th Grade Musical (9 AM for the school and 7 PM for families and community) - gym

6/11 – 6th Grade vs. Faculty Kickball Game

6/12 – 6th Grade Breakfast

6/13 – Last Day of School, End of Year Awards Ceremony - gym