Fourth Grade Updates

See what happened in Fourth Grade this month.


We are looking forward to our last month with your 4th graders! There will be a lot of exciting events. Thank you for all you do to support us!


Reading/Language Arts:

Vienna PBL

In our Language Arts block we will be working on a Project Based Learning assignment (PBL). Our driving question is: How can you, as a Landscape Architect, redesign Meadowlane Park in Vienna to make it accessible to everyone? Students will have to create a blueprint, select suitable equipment, follow budget and size of lot limitations, and plan a pitch for their design.  


Social Studies:

Fairfax County History

The students will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of significant events, places, and people in Fairfax County history by:

  • Describing and locating past events in the history of Fairfax County
  • Describing the history of the people of Fairfax County
  • Analyzing economic and governmental features of Fairfax County



Sciences in the Garden

  • The structures of typical plants and the function of each structure
  • Processes and structures involved with plant reproduction
  • Photosynthesis
  • Adaptations allow plants to satisfy life needs and respond to the environment




End of Year Unit: Review 4th Grade Concepts

  • During June, we will work on creating our own board games to review the concepts from 4th grade math.



Unit 9: Data and Probability

  • Determine the probability of an outcome by constructing a sample space or using the Fundamental (Basic) Counting Principle
  • Represent data in line plots and stem-and-leaf plots
  • Interpret data represented in line plots and stem-and-leaf plots
  • Compare data represented in a line plot with the same data represented in a stem-and-leaf plot
  • Describe mean, median, and mode as measures of center
  • Describe mean as fair share
  • Describe the range of a set of data as a measure of spread
  • Determine the mean, median, mode, and range of a set of data

Unit 10: Decimal Computation Part 2

  • Find the product and quotient of two numbers expressed as decimals through thousandths (divisors with only one nonzero digit)
  • Create and solve single step and multistep practical problems involving decimals (all four operations)


Important Dates:

June 5            4th Grade Mini Musical for Parents (Specials Group 42)

June 6            Patrick Henry Library Visit; Worm Musical

June 7            End of Year Party (8:40-10:40 AM)

June 12         Final Wolfie Fest: Teacher Fest + Yearbook Signing w/ 1st Grade Buddies

June 13         End of Year Awards Assembly, Progress Reports Sent Home Today, 3

Hour Early Release, Last Day of School