Third Grade Updates

See what happened in Third Grade this month.

It seems like only yesterday that our third graders were filing in to school on the first day with shiny new supplies and looks of excitement and apprehension. As we approach the final month, it’s important to remind everyone that we still have important learning to do. Our third grade team has some engaging culminating projects coming up, so encourage your children to keep their game faces on! We have had a great school year.  Thank you for all the support you have given us this school year and sharing your children with us. 


Language Arts:

We have been working on persuasive writing.  The children are composing reviews of their choice about restaurants, movies, television shows, toys, video games, and more. In order to write persuasively, students craft claims and state specific evidence to support and elaborate on these claims.

In reading, the children are in small groups having book club discussions.  They are engaging in thoughtful discussions about the characters.  They are using the reading skills that have been taught in a variety of ways.  The power of book clubs is exciting and supportive for readers and a great way to end the school year with good, discussions about books. 



Now that our content has been covered in math, the children will be working in small groups to make math games to review many of the content that we have learned so far this school year.  We are excited for the children to create their games and play them in class over the next couple of weeks.


Social Studies:

We have one more ancient civilization to discover.  In this unit, the students will apply historical thinking skills to demonstrate an understanding of the importance and influence of the Western African Empire of Mali.



The children are learning about the six simple machines and will be completing their last PBL in third grade.  As they create a prototype of an invention, they will be thinking about the question “How can you, as an inventor, design and create a simple machine that will make our world a better place?”  We have very creative students and we can’t wait for the children to create their inventions.  Who knows, maybe one of our students will be presenting their invention on Shark Tank someday.



In Mrs. Long’s class, we are excited to spend our language arts time talking about good books!  In book clubs, we are reading novels that are both classics and modern favorites.  Our book club discussions are focusing on the theme of change, which we have been exploring in the AAP curriculum all year.  We are thinking about how characters change as a result of the events of the book, as a result of changes in the setting, and the passage of time. Students are writing reflections about their reading in book club as well.  I hope book clubs encourage readers to choose challenging books and enjoy them this summer! 


In math, we are starting our last unit of the year, Multiplication and Division “Part 3” which bridges 4th grade and 5th grade math curriculum.  Students are learning to multiply and divide large numbers in this unit. They will develop their own strategies but will also learn the traditional algorithms that we parents learned in school. Please encourage your child to stay fresh on their multiplication and division facts so that they have a strong foundation for next year.  In addition to this unit in math class, students will be creating games and playing them during Wolfie Time! We are definitely saving room for fun with math!


Some Tips to Help Keep Learning Alive During the Summer

  1. Join the local library summer reading program.
  2. Wondering HOW you will find time to read? Don’t just think it has to be at night in bed. Bring a book to a park or beach and read in between the more active fun time. Read a few pages over breakfast. Bring a book on a hike and read at the summit while having a picnic. Take along the book or Kindle to  doctor appointments or time you have to wait.
  3. Remember reading is not just books. Anywhere you are, you can give the children the opportunity to read, whether that be a brochure, a menu, even signs for the younger children. It’s the daily use of those skills that will keep them refreshed.
  4. Incorporate math into daily activities. At breakfast give your child a few challenges. We drove 253 miles yesterday and will drive another 178 to Grandma’s – how many does that total? At a restaurant, let the children total up the cost of the food ordered.  Give them a few receipts and ask them to tally how much you’ve spent this week!  Give them an opportunity to make change.
  5. Get app happy.  There are many apps, even free, that offer logic problems, puzzles, math skills and games like Sudoku and Crosswords. With all that fun, kids don’t even realize they are sharpening their skills and their ability to reason and solve challenges.
  6. Don’t let them forget how to write. Encourage your child to write greeting cards, letters to friends or grandparents, postcards from your summer vacation, thank you cards, etc. .
  7. Take it on the road. Go on “Learning Excursions.”  Go shopping and compare prices of items purchased, take nature walks, or visit points of interest in your community.  Visit Science centers and children’s museums for hands-on fun and engaging activities that incorporate various skills. Let them learn about history at natural history museums, and nature at caverns, beaches and on hikes. Any museum – from sports, to history, to dinosaurs, to air power and antique cars can help broaden a child’s horizons as well as make for a tremendously fun family experience.
  8. Have fun. Children learn in many fun ways. Have them read recipes and measure ingredients for you. Have them grow a garden, measure plants, and graph the growth on a chart. Have them use a ruler to measure everyone’s heights and graph it. Have them map out a trip for you, or put together a road trip using research online.


Upcoming Events:

June 10thEnd of the Year party at Glyndon Park

June 13thLast day of school – Award Assembly - 3 hour early release


Have a Great Day!

Debbie Clinage

Wolftrap Elementary

3rd grade teacher